Ushering in the New Year with … training!

We have been slow to update our website, you might notice we have a fresh new look! An updated website and a new blog post only start to explain the new things happening at FCCS! Our Squadron has seen an explosion in growth on both the Cadet side as well as the Senior side … so a quick welcome to all of our new members! We look forward to growing our Squadron and adding more training opportunities in the new year, so stay tuned!

As you may remember, our summer training focused on rockets, trajectory (and the fun of trigonometry!) .. also known as, Aerospace Education! We shifted gears a little and our fall training has had an emphasis on Emergency Services and getting cadets and senior members ground team certified. Having members (both Cadet and Senior) that are Ground Team Certified is a huge part of our Emergency Services commitment. CAP Ground Teams are often the first responders to a crash site and are capable of providing first aid to survivors, as well as helping in disaster relief situations. In October the fall Field Training Exercise (FTX) focused on communication and using radios in the field as well as locating Emergency Locator Transmittors (ELTs). The 5th & 12th of December a handful of Cadets and Senior members attended classes in basic first aid, map and compass reading, identifying aircraft and missing persons search clues, as well as others. The instructors and Cadets have worked hard and we are excited to see them become Ground Team Certified!


As we wrap up 2015, our last meeting of the year will be 22-Dec and we will celebrate everyones hard work and dedication with a Christmas party! I’m sure everyone is looking forward to a little down time over the Holidays, but we encourage you to stop by and see what’s new! Happy Holidays from Fox Cities Composite Squadron – Civil Air Patrol.