Emergency Services Training in Full Swing

Fox Cities Composite Squadron has taken a large interest in qualifying members, both Cadets and Senior Members, in Emergency Services. We have been doing training on the radios, safety, and in the use of maps and coordinates. While we are still busily learning all things Aerospace related and working hard on Cadet promotions, Emergency Services has for a few months been very busy.

This past weekend (January 29 – 31), Volk Field hosted the Mission Base Staff & Communications Training. Which was an in-depth training opportunity for members all over the state. 30 members from various Squadrons around the state participated in this specialty track training; which covered a large number of tasks from advanced Communications Training to IC (Incident Command) training. C/SrA Bastian, C/MSgt Merck, and C/Amn Jerred, as well as 2d Lt M. Merck, 2d Lt L. Merck, Maj Niemi, Cap Kreitz, and SM Bastian all participated from FCCS. Their training allowed them the opportunity to complete their MSA (Mission Staff Assistant) training as well as Communications training, Ground Branch Training, and Public Information Training. Cadets and Senior Members were able to use their classroom training to do a hands-on project allowing them to set up radio communications in the Wing Mobile Command Center.

Simultaneously, Senior Members working on Mission Base Staff tasks was hard at work using their FEMA ICS courses for a hands-on mock mission including a request for Aerial Photos, a missing aircraft, and an ELT search in less than great weather conditions. This mock mission allowed members training in Incident Command (IC) as well as all support positions.

014 The training provided this weekend strengthened our Civil Air Patrol commitment to Emergency Services (ES) allowing many members to receive new ES qualifications. These qualifications allow us, as a group, to perform these vital missions when called upon. If you have any questions regarding our Emergency Services commitment or our other missions within Civil Air Patrol we would love to hear from you! You can reach us through the contact form on the “Contact” page of our website.

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