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Saturday, the 5th of March, FCCS celebrated last years achievements with our Annual Awards Banquet! As promised the food was great, camaraderie was strong and fun was had by all! Fox Cities Squadron would like to thank our guest speaker, Sean Elliott (Vice President of Safety & Advocacy at EAA) for an exciting presentation and look into the history of EAA! We look forward to sharing more events with Mr. Elliott & the EAA in the future! We would also like to thank those who traveled to be with us; Col. Rose Hunt (WI Wing Commander), and Lt Col Patrick Gaylord (NE Group Commander); as well as all the family and friends who support our Civil Air Patrol missions everyday. The annual Awards Banquet is to honor those within our Squadron who have selflessly given their time and energy to our great cause as well as to thank those who support them!

Color Guard Thank you to our Color Guard team (pictured front to back): C/CMSgt Franklin, C/2nd Lt J. Chanda, C/CMSgt Niemi, C/SSgt Gossen for starting our evening! A well trained color guard signifies a sense of teamwork, confidence, pride, alertness, attention to detail, esprit de corps and discipline. Job well done!

Of course we have to get to the Congratulations! Our night was not only full of food and good friends, we also recognized those members who have given CAP a little extra. We appreciate all those who dedicate their time and energy to our Squadron as we couldn’t do it without each and every one of you!
A special Congratulations (and thank you for your hard work) goes to:

Squadron Senior of the Year & Commander’s Commendation Award:
Capt. Stacey Kreitz

Meritorious Service Award:
Maj. Robert Koehler

Squadron Cadet of the Year
(C/Lt Col Christopher R Koehler Leadership Award):
C/2nd Lt. Michael Chanda

Billy Mitchell Award:
C/2nd Lt Jacob Chanda

Squadron Cadet NCO of the Year & Red Service Award (for 2 years of Service):
C/CMSgt Matthew Niemi

10-Year Red Service Awards:
Maj. Donna Daniels
Capt. Rebekah Daniels

Achievement Awards:
Maj. Jerry Jessick
1st Lt. James Lange
2nd Lt. L. Merck

Certificate of Appreciation:
2nd Lt. Maryellen Merck
2nd Lt. Lisa Bastian

Not only are we able to celebrate these amazing accomplishments, this year we are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Civil Air Patrol! December 1, 1941, CAP was congressionally chartered as the Official Auxiliary to the US Air Force. Want to learn more? Check out this CAP Video! and be sure to watch for Upcoming Events to help us Celebrate!


Pictured left to right: Ryan Elliott, Cadet Peroutka, C/AB Welch, C/SrA Bastian, C/CMSgt Merck, C/SrA Voelker, C/Amn Jerred

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