Emergency Services Training in Full Swing

Fox Cities Composite Squadron has taken a large interest in qualifying members, both Cadets and Senior Members, in Emergency Services. We have been doing training on the radios, safety, and in the use of maps and coordinates. While we are still busily learning all things Aerospace related and working hard on Cadet promotions, Emergency Services has for a few months been very busy.

This past weekend (January 29 – 31), Volk Field hosted the Mission Base Staff & Communications Training. Which was an in-depth training opportunity for members all over the state. 30 members from various Squadrons around the state participated in this specialty track training; which covered a large number of tasks from advanced Communications Training to IC (Incident Command) training. C/SrA Bastian, C/MSgt Merck, and C/Amn Jerred, as well as 2d Lt M. Merck, 2d Lt L. Merck, Maj Niemi, Cap Kreitz, and SM Bastian all participated from FCCS. Their training allowed them the opportunity to complete their MSA (Mission Staff Assistant) training as well as Communications training, Ground Branch Training, and Public Information Training. Cadets and Senior Members were able to use their classroom training to do a hands-on project allowing them to set up radio communications in the Wing Mobile Command Center.

Simultaneously, Senior Members working on Mission Base Staff tasks was hard at work using their FEMA ICS courses for a hands-on mock mission including a request for Aerial Photos, a missing aircraft, and an ELT search in less than great weather conditions. This mock mission allowed members training in Incident Command (IC) as well as all support positions.

014 The training provided this weekend strengthened our Civil Air Patrol commitment to Emergency Services (ES) allowing many members to receive new ES qualifications. These qualifications allow us, as a group, to perform these vital missions when called upon. If you have any questions regarding our Emergency Services commitment or our other missions within Civil Air Patrol we would love to hear from you! You can reach us through the contact form on the “Contact” page of our website.

Best Wishes in 2016!

Fox Cities Composite Squadron would like to wish you all a prosperous and adventurous 2016!

Stay tuned for our first 2016 Newsletter highlighting the last quarter of promotions, training, and fun. If you are not familiar with our Newsletters, you can find our 4th Quarter Newsletter under the Resources/Download tab!

We are looking forward to starting our New Year with continued training focusing on Ground Team/Flight Crew certifications. We ended 2015 with training for Ground Teams and Urban Direction Finding. Now, 2016 will begin with training for our flight crews. We are hoping to certify new Mission Observers, and Aerial Photographers as well as continuing training for those already certified. This training is integral to our Search and Rescue Missions through Civil Air Patrol.

We also ended our 4th Quarter with a Pasta Fundraiser! We would like to thank everyone who participated in selling, purchasing, and setting up this event. Fundraising is an integral part of our non-profit organization and we greatly appreciate everyone who was able to help!

If you are wondering what Civil Air Patrol is all about, look around a little! We are excited about the growth of our squadron and our upcoming training events, and we would love for you to join us! If you have any questions please jump on over to our contact page and shoot us an email, we would love to hear from you!

Ushering in the New Year with … training!

We have been slow to update our website, you might notice we have a fresh new look! An updated website and a new blog post only start to explain the new things happening at FCCS! Our Squadron has seen an explosion in growth on both the Cadet side as well as the Senior side … so a quick welcome to all of our new members! We look forward to growing our Squadron and adding more training opportunities in the new year, so stay tuned!

As you may remember, our summer training focused on rockets, trajectory (and the fun of trigonometry!) .. also known as, Aerospace Education! We shifted gears a little and our fall training has had an emphasis on Emergency Services and getting cadets and senior members ground team certified. Having members (both Cadet and Senior) that are Ground Team Certified is a huge part of our Emergency Services commitment. CAP Ground Teams are often the first responders to a crash site and are capable of providing first aid to survivors, as well as helping in disaster relief situations. In October the fall Field Training Exercise (FTX) focused on communication and using radios in the field as well as locating Emergency Locator Transmittors (ELTs). The 5th & 12th of December a handful of Cadets and Senior members attended classes in basic first aid, map and compass reading, identifying aircraft and missing persons search clues, as well as others. The instructors and Cadets have worked hard and we are excited to see them become Ground Team Certified!


As we wrap up 2015, our last meeting of the year will be 22-Dec and we will celebrate everyones hard work and dedication with a Christmas party! I’m sure everyone is looking forward to a little down time over the Holidays, but we encourage you to stop by and see what’s new! Happy Holidays from Fox Cities Composite Squadron – Civil Air Patrol.

Fall is rolling in …

Summer quickly passed us by and we are starting to see Fall slowly slip in. The Fox Cities Composite Squadron was busy in August!

FCCS would like to announce that Maj. Mark Niemi has taken over as the Fox Cities Composite Squadron Commander, effective 1-Sept. We are excited to welcome Maj. Niemi to this position, and wish Lt. Col. Richard Kreitz well on his new Civil Air Patrol position.

18-Aug., we held our first Family Fun Night. What can we say? It was fun! There was great food, awesome company, serious games of kickball, and we were able to meet old and new friends. If you are disappointed you missed it, watch for our Christmas Party announcement!

Our Squadron also witnessed some staff changes and promotions in August. A little late, but congratulations to:
C/SMSgt Franklin on his promotion to C/CMSgt (4-Aug.)
C/SrA Merck on his promotion to C/SSgt and receiving the Wright Brothers Milestone Award. (11-Aug.)

The Cadets also had a Change of Command as C/Col. Thomsen stepped down to pursue his college career. C/2Lt Chanda took over the duties of Cadet Commander on 11-Aug. We wish C/Col. Thomsen well on his new journey and we look forward to C/2Lt Chanda leading the way.

Overall we have had a productive month and look forward to our upcoming events. Please check back for updates and visit our Facebook page for news as it happens as well as pictures!

August 2015 Events

We have several exciting things happening this month.
August 18th is our first Family Fun Night. We will be having a pot-luck meal and playing sports instead of our regular meeting. If interested please contact the squadron for more information.

August 21-23 we will be having our Summer Field Training Exercise (FTX) at High Cliff State Park. We will be focusing on aerospace education, specifically model rockerty. If interested please contact the squadron for more information.

C/2d Lt Mauel receives scholarship

Congratulations to C/2d Lt Mauel who was awarded the CAPT Thomas Hudner, USN (RET) Scholarship. This is an annual scholarship awarded to a member of Wisconsin Wing who demonstrated leadership within the wing and is entering the U.S.

Armed Forces or a form of community service (police, fire, nursing, education, ministry, etc.) after high school graduation. The scholarship comes in the form of a $500 check and the awarding of the Scholarship of Honor Medal.


C/Col Thomsen Recognized

C/Col Thomsen was recognized at the 2015 Wisconsin Wing Conference as both the Wisconsin Wing and Great Lakes Region Cadet of the Year. His dedication and drive serve as an example for all to emulate. Please join us in both congratulating him and wishing him luck as the next step is consideration for the Civil Air Patrol National Cadet of the Year.